DJ Serafin

Los Angeles based DJ, known for his electrifying remixes and savvy mixing style. This DJ/Producer/Remixer has launched himself into the mainstream club/music industry.

DJ Serafin brings an innovative sound to events and club nights across North America. He has gained major recognition for his mash ups through the esteemed remix website, DJs around the world are playing Serafin's remixes. He remains one of the top 10 remixer's of all time.

DJ Serafin's seamless integration of House, Hip Hop, Pop, Bmore and Rock, has earned him a place among the DJ elite in Los Angeles and all over the United States. Club goers can attest that when attending a DJ Serafin night, they are in for a party of non-stop dancing and fun.

DJ Serafin is one of the fastest rising DJ's to come out of Hollywood. He is definitely the one to watch!


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